TD2 was founded in 1967. We appreciate our past and look forward to Things 2 Come.

In 2017, TD2 celebrated our 50th year. What an amazing journey it has been working with the most creative and partnering clients. To mark our 50th year, we gifted 25 trees of native species to be planted in public/community spaces in both La Vista’s Thompson Creek Watershed and in Papillion’s Veteran’s Park to commemorate these long-standing relationships and to signify our commitment to stand with our clients far into the future.

Now in our 55th year, we’ve been involved in the award-winning, highly-photogenic projects you can see on this site, as well as the development of many single-family and mixed-use neighborhoods in the Greater Omaha area. We call these Bread and Butter projects – those that accommodate our growing community and enrich lives. You can read more about them in our newsletters, and of course see what we mean in the gallery of Our Work. Whatever the size and scale of your project, the professionals of TD2 are here to help bring your vision to life.

Professionals at Every Turn

When you contract with TD2, you benefit from a full staff of nearly 80 registered land surveyors, registered engineers, engineering technicians/AutoCAD personnel, observers/inspectors, administrator staff, and our leadership team.

Robert DressenChairman of the Board

Mr. Dreessen joined Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner in l968 and became its president in 1974. In June, 2010 Bob stepped down as President and remains Chairman of the Board. He continues to play an important leadership role in shaping the future of TD2.

Douglas DreessenPresident

Doug headed up the civil engineering department at TD2 for more than a decade. As President Doug guides the TD2 management team, determining corporate strategy, and spearheading expansion across Nebraska and into South Dakota.

Kip Squire, PE SE Vice President

As Vice President of the Corporation, Kip Squire leads TD2’s structural engineering team. Kip has worked in the design and construction of building projects throughout the United States since 1980 and has been responsible for the structural design of building projects for new construction, additions, and renovations of existing buildings for over 35 years.

Chris Dorner, LS Treasurer/Secretary

Chris Dorner is an active TD2 principal with more than 30 years of experience in land surveying. Today, Chris leads the land surveying department’s multiple survey crews who use the latest in GPS equipment and Land Survey Total Stations as well as surveying software to keep ahead of the rapidly changing technology in field equipment and software producing efficient and precise measurements.

Douglas Kellner, PE Principal

Douglas Kellner has 20 years of experience in the civil engineering industry with proven abilities to lead diverse teams of professionals. He is experienced in the design, planning, and project management for residential, commercial, and industrial site development, sanitary landfill construction, and environmental assessments.

Troy Nissen, PE SE Principal

Troy Nissen has extensive experience in the design of structural systems for a variety of facility types and classes of businesses including commercial, educational, industrial, medical, residential/senior living, and religious projects. Troy is also responsible for TD2’s heavy industrial projects. A specialty niche for the firm, Troy provides U.S. Shredder and Castings Group clients with full engineering services for the construction and installation of its equipment line.

Kurt Rohn, PE Geotechnical Engineering

As the current head of TD2 subsurface soil investigation and materials testing operations, Kurt is well versed in construction materials testing of soils aggregates, HMA, Portland cement concrete for QA/QC since 1993 in both field and lab settings. He has received ACI Technician Level 1, and Radiation Safety Officer Training, and he has extensive experience in the geotechnical engineering field including roadways, retaining walls, grading, surcharges, and structures.

Josh Storm, PE

Structural Engineer, Sioux Falls Branch Operations Manager

Josh manages operations in the Sioux Falls TD2 office. Josh has an extensive background in the design of structural systems. Well-versed in many new facility types, he has also developed a specialty in the structural renovation of existing buildings, particularly historic buildings. His extensive experience and understanding of these structures is required to address their unique design considerations.

Bradley P. Huyck, P.E.Principal

Brad works almost exclusively on TD2’s large private and public projects related to capital improvements, residential, commercial, and industrial development. He is a project manager for all types of projects and improvements including roadways, grading, sanitary sewer, parks, creeks/drainageways, and more.

Joseph A. Dethlefs, P.E.Principal

Joe has extensive experience in multi-family and commercial development, and he is essentially our resident mentor. His work ethic and experience make him perfect for both roles. He develops plans for grading, paving and other infrastructure projects, including SIDs and other water studies for municipalities that will have residential impact.

Andrew W. Johnson, P.E. LEED APPrincipal

Drew’s strength is in design services across facility types, with extensive experience in fine and performing arts spaces. His design experience also includes manual and computerized structural analyses, structural steel, reinforced masonry, concrete and timber design.

Technical Capabilities

Always mindful of Things 2 Come, TD2 invests in keeping current on the latest technologies that help us provide the greatest value to our clients.

  • Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite
  • Autoturn
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Hydraflow
  • Hy8
  • BCAP30
  • Autodesk Building Design Suite
  • Bentley RAM Steel and Other Analysis Software
  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • RAM Structural System
  • RAM Concepts
  • RAM Elements
  • RISA

Soils Laboratory – on-site soils analysis and reporting

UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – In 2018 we added UAV capabilities and in 2020 have expanded aerial drone services with the purchase of a fixed-wing Topcon Sirius Pro and an additional copter. To give us flexibility and options depending on the project, the fixed-wing drone allows us to provide a variety of aerial services on large sites, over difficult terrains, and in windier conditions. The small copter will keep us flying on smaller, more congested sites.

50 Years of Change

Request your personal copy of our 50-year compendium of our history including great photos and interviews with clients and current and retired employees.